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Why Are Modern Ads Still So Sexist? →


Women vs. Cars

Men sure do love their cars! They love them so much that they’d like to have sex with them! Especially if they could replace their significant other’s face and mouth region with one. Women talk too much anyway!

Trading Flowers for Sex

In an ad for a flower company, Teleflora, Adriana Lima puts on sexy lingerie and then gives men an important message: “Guys, Valentine’s Day is not that complicated. Give and you shall receive.”

  • Men should only give women gifts if they want sex.
  • Women will totally want to sleep with you if you give them flowers.
  • A woman owes a man sex if he gives her flowers.

This is one of the worst messages of all. No one should ever feel obligated to have sex.


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want disney posts on your dash?

want disney posts on your dash?
8 Facts About Sex From Around the World →



The worldwide average age of virginity loss is 19.25. Western cultures lose it earlier than average (18) and earlier than Asian cultures, whose average is 22.

Japan holds the world record

…for largest orgy. In 2006, 250 men and 250 women gathered into a warehouse and proceeded to have sex…while every move was choreographed and filmed. There’s even a DVD of the event, which you can purchase for $40 if you’re into that kind of thing.


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